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Oral Care

There is increasing evidence showing a link between oral health and general health, and as your mouth is part of your body, so it just makes sense to take care of your oral health. Beyond your teeth and gums, here are some surprising reasons why oral care matters for a healthy body.

Healthy gums for a healthier heart

Many studies suggest that people with periodontal (gum) disease are at greater risk of heart disease and can have twice the risk of having a fatal heart attack than people without periodontal disease. This is a very scary thought so it is very important to have regular oral hygiene visits and between these visits maintain a good oral care routine.

Interdental Brushing and Flossing

As a result of improved oral hygiene and fluoride, more people are keeping their own teeth into old age. But in order to continue to maintain healthy teeth and gums, a regime of brushing and rinsing twice a day should be combined with inter-dental brushing, effectively cleaning between the teeth. You can clean between your teeth using a range of products including dental floss, inter-dental brushes, single tuft toothbrushes, dental sticks, rubber tip stimulators and irrigation devices.

Brushing alone cannot remove plaque that is located in places a toothbrush simply cannot reach, particularly between teeth. Flossing helps remove plaque and debris that gets stuck between teeth, as well as polish tooth surfaces and control bad breath. Flossing should take place at least once a day, for two to three minutes each time, to be most effective.

Tongue Cleaning

A healthy tongue should be slightly moist, smooth, and pinkish in colour, but a white or yellow tongue is a major indication of bad breath problems. Although not common practice, cleaning your tongue on a regular basis can be the single most beneficial treatment for bad breath.